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Course, Tour, Trek ,Expatiation, Camp ,Other Event

Here is a list of items that are recommended for your trekking journey.
Please note that this list may vary based on the specific Course, Tour, Trek ,Expatiation, Camp ,Other Event, weather conditions, and personal preferences:

➢ Light Hat for Trekking: 1
➢ Warm Jacket (suitable for 5 to 15 degrees Celsius): 1
➢ Lightweight Raincoat or Poncho / Umbrella: 1
➢ Woolen Socks: 2 pairs
➢ Cotton Socks: 2 pairs
➢ Cotton Shirts: 2
➢ Cotton Trousers: 2
➢ Jungle Boots or Trekking Boots (avoid PVC soles): 1 pair
➢ Running Shoes for morning physical training: 1 pair
➢ Torch or Headlamp with Battery Cells: 1
➢ Writing Material (Ball Point Pen & Diary): As required
➢ Toilet Requisites: As required
➢ Sun Glasses with Side Covers: At least 2
➢ Waterproof Cover for Turbans (for Sikhs only): As required
➢ Swimming Trunks (essential for Adventure course trainees): 1 set (Note: Not required for all treks)
➢ Multi-Tool Kit (Nail and Tin Cutter), Small Lock: 1 each
➢ Anti-Chap Cream / Sunburn Cream, Cold Cream, Sun Cream: As required
➢ Track Suit: 1
➢ Repair Kit (Needle, Thread & Buttons, etc.): 1 set (at least)
➢ Cap Balaclava (Woolen) / Scarf Woolen: As required
➢ Woolen Gloves: 1 pair
➢ Thermal Cot / Thermal Innerwear: 2 pairs minimum
➢ Two Passport Size Photographs: As required
➢ Water Bottle, Plate (Thali), Glass or Mug, Spoon, Torch, Knife, etc.: 1 each
➢ Notebook, Pen, First Aid Kit, Water Purifying Tablets, Odomas, etc.: 1 each
➢ This comprehensive list covers a range of clothing, footwear, personal items, and tools that would be useful during your trekking experience. Make sure to adjust the quantities and items based on the specific requirements of your trek and the weather conditions you'll encounter.

Trekking Tips

➢ Well fitting strong shoes with a couple of woollen socks. The shoes should be used before treks to avoid blisters.
➢ First aid set for minor accidents and sickness.
➢ A raincoat is necessary to meet uncertainties of weather.
➢ Chocolates, lozenges, candies, glucose and dry fruits provide extra pep and energy.
➢ t is advisable not to exhaust energy by walking fast, as otherwise the trek will be not enjoyable Trekking is very often confused with mountaineering, whilst mountaineering is a preplanned affair, trekking does not require as much preparation. Mountaineering is more technical in nature and is quite hazardous and this is not so in the case of trekking.
➢ Note : Park, National Park, Reserve forest and any other entry fee during the trek will be paid by group at the spot.
➢ Physical Fitness: Before embarking on a trek, make sure you are in good physical condition. Regular exercise and stamina-building activities will help you handle the demands of trekking.
➢ Choose the Right Trek: Select a trek that matches your fitness level and experience. Beginners should opt for easier treks, while experienced trekkers can take on more challenging routes.
➢ Footwear: Invest in a good pair of trekking shoes with proper ankle support. Break them in before the trek to prevent blisters.
➢ Clothing: Dress in layers to accommodate varying temperatures. Avoid cotton as it retains moisture; opt for moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabrics. Carry a warm jacket, gloves, and a hat for colder altitudes.
➢ Hydration: Stay hydrated by drinking water regularly. Carry a reusable water bottle and use water purification methods if necessary.
➢ Navigation: Carry a map and compass or a GPS device. Familiarize yourself with the route beforehand and follow trail markers.
➢ Safety in Numbers: Trek with a group or at least one companion. Solo trekking should be avoided, especially in remote areas.
➢ Altitude Sickness: If trekking at high altitudes, be aware of altitude sickness symptoms like headache, dizziness, and nausea. Acclimatize properly and descend if symptoms worsen.
➢ Leave No Trace: Follow the principles of responsible trekking. Dispose of waste properly, avoid damaging vegetation, and leave the environment as you found it.
➢ Weather Awareness: Keep an eye on weather forecasts before and during the trek. Be prepared for sudden weather changes in mountainous regions.
➢ Emergency Contacts: Share your trekking plans and estimated return time with a friend or family member. Carry a fully charged mobile phone with emergency contact numbers saved.
➢ Respect Local Culture: Observe local customs and traditions. Ask for permission before taking photographs of people or their property.
➢ Wildlife Caution: Respect wildlife and maintain a safe distance. Do not feed animals, as it can disturb their natural behaviour.
➢ Trail Etiquette: Yield the trail to uphill trekkers, stay on marked paths, and avoid shortcuts that can cause erosion.
➢ Remember that trekking involves both physical and mental challenges, so it's important to be prepared and stay adaptable to changing conditions. Always prioritize safety and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and experiences that trekking offers.
➢ The administrative details for the course, tour, trek ,expatiation, camp ,other event are provided in the following paragraphs:
➢ The fee for the course, tour, trek ,expatiation, camp ,other event must be paid in advance, along with a duly filled application form. It's important to note that adventure sports activities carry inherent risks of physical injuries. Students participating in these activities should be fully aware of the potential risks and voluntarily accept them. Participation in the activities is entirely voluntary.
➢ On the last day of the course, tour, trek ,expatiation, camp ,other event, students will be released after breakfast. To ensure a comfortable return journey, students are advised to make their travel reservations in advance.
➢ Participants are strongly advised not to carry valuable jewellery and belongings during the course. This is to ensure the safety of personal belongings during the activities.
➢ The medium of instruction for the training will be in both Hindi and English. This means that instructions, explanations, and communication during the course will be provided in both languages.
➢ It's important to thoroughly understand and adhere to these administrative details to ensure a smooth and safe experience during the course.
➢ Trainees are required to follow certain procedures upon completing their course and leaving the hostel. They must ensure that they return any items issued to them and obtain a clearance certificate from the IAF (presumably Indian Adventure Foundation ). Failure to obtain this clearance certificate and leaving the camp area without it will result in the trainees not receiving their Course Certificate. Additionally, such incidents will be reported to the appropriate authority.
➢ After the Graduation Ceremony on the final day of the camp/course, trainees are expected to leave the hostel promptly. The camp area is not equipped to accommodate trainees overnight. This means that trainees should not plan to stay in the camp area beyond the completion of the course.
➢ The itinerary is subject to change due to natural calamities and weather conditions.
➢ IAF will not be held responsible for any losses, delays, or cancellations due to natural calamities and unforeseen circumstances beyond its control.
➢ If the number of trekking days increases for any reason, participants will have to pay extra for each additional day based on the per day cost breakdown.
➢ Participants are responsible for carrying their personal belongings and equipment provided for the trek.
➢ It's important to thoroughly read and understand the content and prices in the emails. All email conversations will be considered part of your contract with us once you finalize the booking.
➢ The Camp will be available to provide medical assistance, and a First Aid Box with general medicines will be accessible at the Institute. Participants requiring specific medications will need to purchase them individually.
➢ Accommodation will be arranged in hotels exclusively.
➢ Escorting teachers are required to be with the participants at all times for supervision and support.
➢ BSNL and other network services are available in Base Camp Only .
➢ Hill station & Camp site is committed to being a polythene-free area. During our program, all participants are expected to contribute by keeping visited locations clean, removing polythene, wrappers, and other waste. Therefore, participants should refrain from bringing any polythene items with them.
➢ Camp dates might be subject to change based on weather conditions.
➢ For further information, you can reach out via email at www.iafindia.org or contact the following number: 07060053377
➢ Booking confirmation is subject to receiving the advance payment and the availability of the specified hotels.
➢ If the chosen hotel is unavailable, a similar hotel in the same category will be provided.
➢ Participants should ensure they bring appropriate items for their stay, including a sleeping bag or blankets based on the journey, winter clothes, full-sleeved t-shirts, jeans, extra clothing, and costumes for cultural activities. Given the cold temperature in hill station during winter, participants should bring suitable bedding and clothing.
➢ It's mandatory for individuals to provide a MALARIA TEST REPORT conducted within a week before departure. Failure to provide this report will result in denial of admission.
➢ Participants should also bring any other items they deem necessary based on their personal needs.
➢ While the Indian Adventure Foundation is dedicated to the safety and well-being of participants, the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ADVENTURE AND ALLIED SPORT will not be held liable for any accidents, illnesses, or injuries that occur during the program.
➢ Escorting teachers are responsible for the well-being of their students before, during, and after the camp.
➢ It's important to notify us well in advance if you accept the above proposal so that appropriate planning can be undertaken.
➢ All participants should have a T.T. (tetanus toxoid) injection before departing for the camp to ensure their health and safety.
Note: Participants are required to carry their own baggage.
➢ The vehicle will be permitted for sightseeing points mentioned in the itinerary and within city limits or on the specified route. For additional sightseeing, off-route sightseeing, or places not within city limits, please contact the organization. Refunds are not possible if specific sightseeing points are not covered. If you wish to include excursions, please inform the organization in advance and discuss this with them, rather than with the driver. It's advisable to cover nearby sightseeing points together. Adjustments can be made in case of issues with specific places.
➢ There will be no refund for a shortened stay or unused facilities.
➢ No cancellation or refund will be provided if the situation is beyond our control, such as bad weather, landslides, climatic conditions, natural disasters, fires, government actions, political or national crises, road closures, heavy snowfall, terrorism, strikes, transportation issues, labor disputes, insolvency, business exigencies, operational and technical problems, route or flight cancellations, or circumstances preventing the customer from reaching the destination, which are beyond our control.
➢ The organization is not liable for accidents, injuries, deaths, or theft of personal belongings during the tour.
➢ The management reserves the right to cancel any service without refund until full advance payment for the service is received and accepted by the organization. The organization can change the features or functionality of services at any time without prior notice.
➢ Please ensure the safety of your belongings before leaving vehicles or hotels. The organization is not responsible for any losses.
➢ Following the directive of the Government of India, all Indian and Foreign Nationals must provide valid proof of identification during check-in. Acceptable identification documents include Passport & Visa together, Voter's ID card, and Current Driver's License, all with a photograph.
➢ Hotels, camps, or accommodations have the right to deny stay if valid ID proof is not provided. The organization is not accountable for any issues related to ID proof.
➢ Some hotels provide extra mattresses for extra adults instead of extra beds. Please inform us in advance if you prefer only an extra bed.
➢ It's assumed that the tourist is medically fit for the tour. If you have allergies or serious health concerns, especially related to food, please inform us beforehand.
➢ Note that many small hotels or resorts might not have elevators. If you are uncomfortable with stairs, please inform us in advance.
➢ Hotel check-in time is generally 14:00 hrs, and checkout time is 11:00 hrs across India. Early check-in or late checkout might be chargeable if not included in the package. Contact the hotel directly for complementary early check-in or late checkout.
➢ Additional charges for room heaters or Wi-Fi might apply in some hotels. These charges should be paid directly at the hotels.
➢ If meals are included in the package, they will be served on a set menu basis in a buffet menu, fixed menu, or as meal credit. Items not included in the menu might incur extra charges. Room service or packing might be charged extra in many hotels.
➢ In case of vehicle breakdown due to technical reasons, efforts will be made to arrange another vehicle as soon as possible for major problems. Minor issues will be repaired. Please cooperate.
➢ The organization is not liable for delays, alterations in the program, or expenses incurred due to natural hazards, flight cancellations, accidents, transport breakdowns, weather, sickness, political unrest, or similar incidents.
➢ AC might not work in hill areas or when the vehicle is stopped/parked.
➢ Drivers will not enter No-entry zones or drive on narrow streets that could cause traffic congestion. A driver's normal working hours are 12 hrs. If you require services beyond 12 hours in a day, inform us in advance.
➢ Some hill areas prohibit driving after sunset and playing music due to safety concerns. Please cooperate.
➢ Pick up and drop-off points will be one each. If there are multiple pickups or drops, mention it in email conversations before booking.
➢ If you plan multiple visits to a particular place, inform in advance, as some places have high parking charges.
➢ Tour destinations/routes cannot change without prior notice, and amended routes and destinations might incur rate changes.
➢ Rates are subject to change based on fluctuations in diesel/petrol prices in India. If prices increase by more than 5% compared to the time of booking, the rate will be adjusted.
➢ IAF Trips reserves the right to provide a similar car if the booked car is unavailable.
➢ Some tourist destinations or hill stations have "NO ENTRY" zones for larger tourist vehicles, and time restrictions might apply. In such cases, guests may need to arrange alternative transportation at an additional cost, which is not included in the ideal package inclusion.
➢ Parking areas might be a bit far from sightseeing spots in some cases. Guests need to reach the parking at their own cost
Note: : COST DOES NOT INCLUDE COURSE, TOUR, TREK ,EXPATIATION, CAMP ➢ Riding mules, mineral water, soft & hard drinks, personal expenses like telephone & laundry, Entrance fees for National Parks, sanctuaries, reserve forests, panchayat forests, shooting and filming, monument fees, ropeway charges, and chairlift charges, will be directly paid by individual participants as per government norms. Services included are transportation by ordinary coach, dormitory accommodation in rest houses/hotels, shared accommodation in tents, Indian vegetarian meals, and services of a trained mountaineering tour escort.
➢ Airfare/train fare.
➢ Personal expenses such as laundry, telephone calls, tips, liquor, and joy rides.
➢ Anything not mentioned in inclusions.
➢ Air, train, or bus fare from/to your originating city of stay unless specified.
➢ Items of personal nature such as tips, porterage, room service, laundry, mineral water, non-alcoholic beverages, phone calls, additional sightseeing tours, and excursions not included in the itinerary, camera fees, etc.
➢ Any increase in fuel costs, government taxes, entrance fees, intra and interstate taxes, etc. The tour price will be adjusted accordingly.
➢ Entrance fees and guide charges wherever applicable.
➢ Any items or services not specifically mentioned under inclusions. Supplement charges may apply for long weekends and festivals.
➢ It is also acknowledged that if the trek/tour days are extended due to natural calamities, road blockages, health issues, or political instability, additional charges will apply for each extra day based on the above cost breakdown
➢ The rates provided are based on the hotels mentioned in the package. If the room type is not specified, the calculation will be based on the base category room available in the hotel
➢ The selection of hotels for each category is based on budget and feedback. It's recommended to review hotel ratings and locations to ensure they align with your preferences before confirming the package.
➢ Indian Adventure Foundation does not include any hidden charges except for personal expenses. If anyone requests additional payment during the journey, please inform us. We will not be responsible if you make payments without our consent.
➢ Any extra bed/breakfast for children not mentioned in the package needs to be paid directly by the guest according to the hotel policy.
➢ In the event of natural calamities, Global Path Holidays will not be held liable.
➢ Global Path Holidays will not cover accommodation, meals, or transportation costs, and no reimbursement or compensation will be provided. Buffet meals or room service will be in accordance with the hotel policy.
Disclaimer: Regarding responsibilities during the course, tour, trek ,expatiation, camp ,other event, you acknowledge that risks and dangers may occur, including but not limited to hazards during trekking, road blockages, political instability, and natural forces. IAF will take care of members and their property but will not be liable for any losses, damages, or inconveniences. Any disputes arising from the above are subject to the jurisdiction of courts in Moradabad.