RULES   IAF - Indian Adventure Foundation


General Guidelines For All Adventure Activities

  • Every Group Of Persons Taking Part In Adventure Activities Must Be Accompanied By A Person Authorized By Ypahs.
  • The Authorized Instructor Must Possess Appropriate Qualification And Skills Required For Safety Purpose.
  • Every Person Joining A Group Engaged In Adventure Activities Must Receive An Introductory Training And Instructor Should Be Satisfied That They Have Acquired The Skills Necessary To Participate.
  • Instructor Should Be Familiar With Search Procedures And Should Brief All Group Members In These Procedures.
  • All Group Members Must Be Familiar With The Tour And Also Basic Safety Procedures.
  • Instructor Guides Should Be Familiar With All Rescue Operations And Procedures.
  • Instructor Should Be Proficient In The Use Of Maps And Compasses In Any Weather By Day Or Night.
  • All Participants Should Submit That They Are Medically Fit To Take Part In The Adventure Activities.
  • Instructor Guides Should Satisfy Themselves That Equipment To Be Used Meets All The Safety Norms For Each Adventure Activities; All Inspections Have Been Carried Out As Recommended By The Manufacturer And Are Fit For Use.
  • Alcohol Is Strictly Probhited During Adventure Activities.
  • Closed-Toe Shoes Are Required. No Flip Flops!! Pants Or Long Shorts Are Recommended; Shorts Should Hit The Mid Thigh So The Harness Isn’t On Bare Skin. Please Tie Back Long Hair And No Loose Jewelry.