Award Iaf - Indian Adventure Foundation

AWARD  IAF - Indian Adventure Foundation

  • Awards : - Participants will be awarded with different awards if they reach the Top most level of adventure activities of Indian Adventure Foundation, and thus award will be decided by the Founder Trustee and National Committee. An award Ceremony will be organized for selected candidates under which they will be rewarded. It will create Enthusiasm and self-confidence within youth and increase interest towards adventure. He/she can become a good citizen of the nation.

Types of IAF Awards:-

  • National Award.
  • State Level Award.
  • Zonal Award
  • Trainer Award
  • Story Award
  • Coordinator Award
  • Climbing Award
  • Special Activities Award
  • Film Making /Photography Award
  • Education Leader Award
    ( E.L.A)
  • Best Volunteer Service Award
  • Best Volunteer Trainer Award
  • Special Thanks Award
  • Best Performance Award
    ( B.P.A)
  • Special Performance Award
  • Iaf Award
  • Best Trainer Award

Rules to receive award:-

  • On the basis of the quality of all the prizes, it will be provided to youth strategists, leaders through the organization so that they can get a chance to become good citizens of the society and become a source of inspiration to the people.

Terms and Conditions of Indian Adventure Foundation Award to give awards:-

  • Awardees should not be indulged in any of the criminal offences/activities.
  • Awardees should encourage atleast 8-10 people for adventure activities.
  • Awardees must have hoisted the national flag or the flag of the institution/foundation at a higher level.
    If the awardees is found violating any rules of the foundation. Than the organization has a full right to take back.

Board Committee of Indian Adventure Foundation Award:-

  • Founder trustee.
  • National committee.