IAF has the following categories of membership


The person who, can physical, mental & financial support to the foundation by getting it influenced as per the principal of the foundation will donate minimum amount of 5100/- to the foundation & can become the foundation member as per the foundation rule. He/she will be selected for the national and state level committee renew every years.


The person who has faith in the Foundation will give a minimum amount of 2100/- as donation to the lifetime member of the foundation.


The person who is a become reputed citizen of society and art, played a vital, role in social service, education upliftment , science, youth development & Women & youth welfare & specially contributed in the field of cultural and journalism relies on the duties of foundation, will nominated by one two-third who majority of the management committee of the foundation. A special member of the foundation will donate Minimum amount of 1000/- as to the foundation renew every 5 years.


The person who has faith in the Foundation will give an annual donation minimum 100/- to become an ordinary member of the foundation renew every years.


Students who have passed High School Examination, who can trust the purpose of the Foundation can submit their application to the National President, and become a member of the institution. Members of this type will have to pay 50 annually as membership fee. Maximum age of such members should be renew every years.


Any person from institute /college /school/madarsa can become institution member of after paying prescribed fee ( 500/-per ) and shall renew every year / (2000/-) renew every 5 Year.
1 :- Institutions membership of Indian Adventure Foundation must.
a) Follow the aim and objectives, vision ,safety rules , and rules of foundation.
b) Pay through DD/ check / NAFT/online Transfer for renewal.
c) institutions Rs 500 /- every year.
d) institutions Rs 2000 /- every One time paid renew every 5 Year.
Anyone can subscribe by depositing online fees to become a member of the Foundation.

Students and youth can directly deposit their membership fee or can renewal of their membership at web portal ( and students of different school, college, Degree College, Madarsa and other educational institutions can directly deposit their membership & renewal fees through web portal ( .


  • Must be theCitizen of India.
  • Should never been the victimised by any court.
  • This foundation is completely independent & open institution for all.
  • Have faith in the Foundation.
  • Provide support for promoting youth.
  • Time to time, supporting the Foundation.
  • Provide your cooperation in operating activities from time to time on adventurous activities.
  • The application for membership will be mandatory.
  • Youth (above 5 year and below 55 year) can apply for various adventure activities.
  • There shall not be any discriminity regarding caste, creed, religious, and race.


Tent and fooding for participant.

  • High quality training to youth during camp/course.
  • Medical & ambulance facility during the camp.
  • Graded instructors to provide High quality of training.
  • Familiar environment.
  • best equipments for all events.
  • Female Instructors for female participant.


  • Special discount is given by every School/College/Institution/District/State/National Events/Courses conducting by Indian Adventure Foundation, HQ.
  • Priority bases, first priority to be given to the member of IAF in all Events/Track/Expedition/Courses conducting by Indian Adventure Foundation, HQ.
  • Your membership is valid for all jobs created by Indian Adventure Foundation.
  • As per your recommendation, we will conduct camp in your School/College/Institution.
  • If you come with your 10+ participates, to attend the national events & others events so we will provide you special discount. Your course fee treated as a free of cost.


  • School membership Certificate &Memento.
  • Quarterly /Half yearly magazine covering all school adventure events by mail.
  • Special vacancy for Participation in National level adventure programme /Camps Organized by Indian Adventure Foundation.
  • Special Adventure Camps for school.
  • Special Tour Package for school.
  • Special Adventure Demonstration by instructors in school.
  • Location based adventure tours /camps.
  • Special Survival /disaster /rescue training camp/course in school.
  • Complementary adventure for staff during school adventure camps
  • Special adventure Tour for Staff Members.
  • Special seat for Participation in Adventure leader training course ,
  • Basic adventure leader training course ,Tour operator training course
  • Organized by Indian Adventure Foundation.
  • Potential students of school will get full support and guidance for future expeditions.